PHONE NUMBER: 682 21 022

FAX NUMBER: 682 21 323

EMAIL: muri@beachcomber.co.ck

WEBSITE: www.beachcomber.co.ck


OFFICE HOURS are as follows: Monday - Friday : 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

Owners/Managers – John & Debbie Moore. Office Manager - Talei Samuel. Office Assistant – Shelley Rangi

Saturday & Sunday: 9.00 am to 12 Noon

Should you need us urgently when the office is closed, please ring (+682) 55860 or (+682) 55861 - this

number will connect with a Duty Manager.


Downtown Avarua (main shopping area & Police Station) – 8km’s (right turn out of driveway)

Airport – 10km’s (right turn out of driveway)

Kia Orana and Welcome to the Muri Beachcomber

The following notes have been prepared for your information and assistance. Should there be anything

we can assist you with personally, please don’t hesitate to ask - we are here to help make your holiday

a memorable one.

Kia Manuia! (Thank you)

We hope you enjoy your stay with us here at Muri Beachcomber

We list our specials MuriBeachcomber

& any good airfares

we hear of…


There are guest telephones in the Guest Laundry building and another on the wall outside the office (just

a simple extension of the office phone). Local calls are free to our guests – just dial 9 for an outside line.

International calls may be made COLLECT by dialing the operator on 015.

International Direct Dial calls (IDD) can be made on the IDD Phone in the Guests Laundry, after you have

obtained a PIN Number from the Office.

Kia Orana cards (phone cards) can be purchased from the Blue Sky shop opposite Pacific Resort (right turn

out of drive way). These can be used on the phone outside the office – Dial 9 for a line out, then follow the

instructions on the card. Bluesky also have a great value Tourist Sim Card available at the Bluesky shop in


A fax service is available through the office.

NOTE: The phone outside the office is linked to the office phone. Consequently, guests cannot have

somebody call them back at that phone when the office is closed (you can use the phone in the Guest

Laundry if you want to receive an inward call – the number is 22 233).



A local bus service runs from 7am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday (2 buses per hour), and from 7am to

4.00pm on Saturdays. Sunday service is only available 01 May - 30 Nov and the hours are 8am – 12Noon &

2pm – 4pm Clockwise only. There is also a limited night bus service. Timetables are available at the Office.

As a quick guide, Mon – Fri the daytime schedule consists of the clockwise bus stopping outside Muri

Beachcomber at 15 minutes past the hour and the anti-clockwise bus stops on the hour. The buses are

often early so it pays to make sure you are at the bus stop at least 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time.


Bicycles are available free of charge for inhouse guests wanting a cycle for a few hours or can be rented from

the office – NZ$12 per day or NZ$60 per week. Island Bike & Car Hire are just across the road with rental

motor bikes & cars available for hire. Cars/bikes are available from the Polynesian Rentals outlet next door,

or you can hire from Avis at Pacific Resort. You can also arrange to drop the car back at the airport – a small

fee will be charged.

If you require a motorbike license and do not have one on your existing license you will need to do the test

and purchase a Cook Islands drivers license. This can be done at the Police Station - take your home license

and passport. The police process licenses every day 9am(ish) to 2pm(ish) - allow a bit of time as there is

usually a delay, particularly on Mondays.




Tem store is well stocked and is just 20m away - turn right out of the driveway. Another local shop that also

sells petrol – turn left out of the driveway, approx 100m, The Muri Outlet. Both shops are very well priced…

alcohol is sold except on Sundays.


The shops in Avarua are open from 8am to 4pm daily Monday to Friday; on Saturday all shops in Avarua

close at about midday except the supermarkets which close at 4pm.

Banks are open from 9am until 3pm on Monday to Friday, and BSP from 9.00 – 11.00am on Saturday morning.

There are ATM machines at Tem Store (right out of driveway and about 50metres) & the 6/11 (left out of driveway

and about 500 metres. Best rate for money exchange is usually at Western Union in town (Avarua).


Stamps may be purchased from the Telecom Shop - right out of drive and 150m on the inland side of the

road. Mail can be left with our office for posting, or at the main Post Office. Mail Closing times for the main

Post Office are listed in the daily newspaper.


We offer email and internet access on the computer in the Guest Lounge (see flyer). We have several plans

available. Wireless is also available in all rooms if you have your own laptop/phone. Email and internet facilities

can also be found locally the Blue Sky Shop - right out of drive and 150m on the inland side of the road.

Bluesky offer a great value Tourist Simcard that includes data.


Rooms are serviced every day except Sunday. Please use the signs provided if you would like to customize

the service options to suit - thus helping with conservation.


A complimentary daily breakfast pack consisting of cereal, milk, toast bread, spreads and juice are placed in

your fridge each afternoon – these are for the next mornings breakfast. Tea, coffee and sugar are supplied

daily. There is a hairdryer for guests use in every room – it may be ‘hidden’ away in a drawer if it is not

immediately visible.


A washing machine, dryer and iron are available in the Guest Laundry adjacent to the stream behind Rooms

5 & 19. The iron is free of charge (please ensure it is switched off after use). The washing machine and dryer

operate from coin-controlled timer switches. Please use 3 x NZ$1 coins to operate. Operating instructions

are posted on the laundry wall; laundry powder is provided - just sprinkle over clothes. There is also a good,

one day, commercial laundry service. Should you wish to make use of this service please inquire at the office.

NZ$17.00 for a bag of laundry washed, dried and folded.

Snowbird laundry services are located to the right of the driveway, approximately 300 metres down the road

and offer a well priced wash/dry service.


Although we don’t have a problem as yet, the Island is not as free of burglaries as it used to be. We advise

you to lock your room when you are absent and at night close the curtains when you are out of the room,

ensuring that you do not leave valuables visible through the windows.

In the event of room keys being lost, a charge of $100 will be made as the door lock has to be replaced and

reset to our master key system. We suggest that you leave your key under a shell or rock near your room,

especially when swimming.

Should an extra person in the room require another key, there are spares available from the office.


Your safe is in the bedroom wardrobe and full instructions on how to set your own code are located beside

the safe. Quick instruction: Press the red button inside the safe door, input a 3 to 8 digit pin on the outer

door panel, press START. The number you set is your personal code.


A daily noticeboard outside the office door will let you know about special events and other items of interest.


Adjacent to the Guest Laundry we have a Petanque (Bocce Ball / Boules) Court. The necessary “boules” and

a summary of the rules are kept in the Guest Laundry. Please return them after use.


We have some adapter plugs for electrical appliances. Please ask at the office.

Gas Barbeques are available around the units. Instructions are elsewhere in this compendium. Please ask at

the office if you require further guidance. Please ensure that the tap on the bottle is turned off after use.

We have a blender at the office for those who would like to borrow it.

As the weight allowance on Air Rarotonga is 20kg per person we are more than happy to store bags for

returning guests whilst they are in the outer islands. Air Rarotonga also provide a storage facility with a

nominal fee of NZ$2 per day, per bag. Just ask at check in.


PLEASE do not encourage or feed the local cats, dogs, chickens and mynah birds; all are a nuisance and

create hygiene problems. On NO ACCOUNT should animals be taken into rooms, and please do not allow

stray dogs to follow you onto our property.

We have 2 resident cats that can be fed outside the rooms. OJ is the small ginger cat, she can be cheeky

& try to get into your fridge! Estelle is a little grey tabbie and a real ‘madam’ who likes to think that she runs

the place… she is often found lounging around the front units and likes to sneak into the rooms and make

herself at home on the dining room chairs.


Please do not use our kitchen knives to open coconuts. Ask our groundpersons. They will be happy to

help you. Their work hours are 7am – 2.00pm (approx). Tuesdays at 11am we have a coconut husking

demonstration at the end of the driveway (signposted).


The voltage is 230 AC, 50 cycles. Electricity is very expensive on the island and we request your cooperation

in conserving the use where possible.

Please turn off fans and air conditioning when not in your rooms.

As a courtesy to your neighbours, please turn off your outside light when retiring.


All water entering the property is multi-filtered and treated with an ultra violet system making it safe for drinking.


We rely on solar heating for hot water. In the event of there being insufficient heating, just press the red

button above the bathroom doorway (Rms 1-12), or the switch on the wall near the switch box (Rms 14-22).

The electrical element is on a thermostat and will turn off automatically.

In duplex buildings the hot water tank is shared with the adjacent room, and if those guests press the switch

your indicator light may also glow. If the water is already hot, the switch will not activate the electric element.


As we have septic tanks on the Island, we ask that you do not put disposable nappies or sanitary towels

down the toilets.


Please hook doors back when you open them, so as to avoid damage to screens or broken glass if the

doors are blown or knocked.


You are welcome to take the loungers and deck chairs onto the beach on condition that you return them

after use. Please DO NOT take beanbags or daybed cushions outside as the hot sun ruins the fabrics.


The pool is for all inhouse guests and we hope you will enjoy our pool. We ask only two things: please, no

fooling around in the area of the pool and NO GLASSES OR BOTTLES TO BE TAKEN THERE. In the interest

of safety, we would ask that you refrain from jumping from the rocks around the pool.

The pool is closed between 9pm and 7am daily, out of consideration for guests in the two Garden units.


The lagoon is safe for swimming, particularly out in front of Muri Beachcomber. If venturing further, such as to

the off-shore motus, we recommend that you wear shoes to avoid cuts from coral. Do not go anywhere near

reef passages (breaks in the reef) where the tidal currents are extremely dangerous – there are no reef passages

close to Muri Beachcomber. We ask that you do not take the room keys into the water as they rust.


We have kayaks, stand up paddle boards and snorkeling equipment for guest use. The Kayaks and Stand

Up Paddle Baords are moored in the water in front of rooms 1 - 10. The paddles are on the decks, please

return them to the deck when finished. The Snorkel Gear is to the left of the office - please return used

snorkel gear to the Returns box for sterilising.


There are many good quality places on the island to dine out. A folder is located in the front office detailing

the places and providing sample menus for your information.


There are good tours and walks available. We will be happy to help with bookings and any information you

may need for these or for day-trips to outer islands, etc. The Aitutaki Day Trip is an excellent full day tour and

can be booked online, all bookings must be from www.airaro.com or we can help you at the office.


The Guest Lounge is situated to the right of the Office and is accessible with the purple key on your key ring

at the side door – if you do not have a purple key please ask at the office. The lounge has:

• A Television with Sky Pacific (NZ One News broadcast at 8.30pmish on the local channel).

• DVD Player (an assortment of DVD’s is available from the office)

• Jigsaws

• Board Games

• Internet / Email & Wifi (Login vouchers available from the office)

• Some books and magazines (there is also a book swap in the Guest Laundry)

Please remember to lock the door after use.


Many religious denominations are represented on the island. Most services commence at 10am. DRESS:

Women should cover their shoulders. Men should wear long trousers if possible. It is just over 1km to the

Ngatangiia Christian Church, turn right out of the drive and follow the road - the Church is on the left hand

side of the road. Cooks Buses comes by at 9.15am which gets you to the Titikaveka CICC in time for the

10am service. A taxi can be ordered on 23012 or 55752.


There is an Honesty Bar in the guest lounge (use your purple key in the side door for entry). Wine and beer

available - cash or charge to your room.


Nudity and “topless” sunbathing offends the local people and we request that you respect their sensitivities.

Bikinis and very short shorts for the ladies are unacceptable in village or town areas.


A babysitting service, cots and a highchair are all available – please see the office if required. Babysitting is

NZ$15.00 per hour and paid direct to the babysitter (max 3 children per babysitter).


There are recycling bins at the end of the driveway and beside the walkway to the Garden Units. Please use

them for aluminium cans, glass & plastic.


We get a copy of the local daily (Mon - Sat) paper which is hung in the laundry. You are welcome to take it

away to read it but please return it.


Janine our NZ trained massage therapist can be booked for any day – at least 24 hours notice is preferred.

Massages take place in the Folley beside the stream. One hour = NZ$80.00 and Half Hour = NZ$45.00


Air Rarotonga – Phone 22 888

Virgin Australia – Phone 24 040

Jetstar - Phone 22 888

Air New Zealand – Phone 26300 / After Hours (NZ Call Centre 26308) Reconfirmations are NOT required for

Air New Zealand or Virgin Australia flights.


You will receive a departure form a day or 2 prior to your checkout date – if applicable, your pick up time and

flight number will be on the form, please advise the office if the flight information is incorrect.

Room accounts can only be paid during office hours and payment can be made by Visa/Mastercard/Cash.


Because noise travels easily across the property and in to other rooms, we ask that you give consideration to

your fellow guests who may have retired for the night. We have a no noise after 11pm policy on the property.

Muri Beachcomber is a Non Smoking property. If you choose to smoke, please be considerate of other

guests and use the front decks if possible.

This is a product of John Batman Group

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Make sure the gas handle under the cooker is up (straight) before lighting.

To light the burners, push the appropriate knob down, then turn and light with the lighter provided.

Oven (Villas):

Push the oven knob down and hold match to the hole at the front bottom of the oven.


Remove cover and lid.

Open tap on top of gas bottle (turn anti clockwise).


Push in knob, turn left (anti clockwise) until resistance is felt; you may hear gas flowing.

Hold for a few seconds, then turn to the left until the igniter clicks.

If burner doesn’t light, repeat the above steps. If burner still fails to light, use a lighter from the room!

After use, please turn all knobs off and close the tap on the top of the bottle (turn clockwise) and replace lid

and cover (once cooled).


Day lenses for snorkeling available from EYES ON RARO (next to citc mainstore in town) - approx

NZ$50.00... price includes quick eye test and 5 pairs of day lenses.


# Megabytes Cost Best For:

40 $5 Quick Check of Emails

160 $10 Emailing, occasional internet surfers

550 $25 More frequent internet users

1.30GB $50 Heavy internet usage

Please Log in within 24 hours of purchasing the plan. All plans are valid for up to 45 days.


GOT – minimize the screen.

Once you’ve finished using the internet you can then maximize this screen which shows how much time

you’ve got left and select logout. You will get a message confirming Logout.